Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Radio Free Joshua Tree


founded 12/12/12

Joshua Tree to the World

"Joshua Tree" is the National Park, the village itself, the surrounding desert communities - and a state of being, sought around the world.

The mission of Radio Free Joshua Tree (RFJT) is to bring Joshua Tree to the World -- and the World back to Joshua Tree -- through the voices of its musicians, artists and poets; its elders and it's youth. Rising out of a community rich in creativity and natural beauty, RFJT will focus first on the music inspired by or created in the desert, including work by those who pass through briefly, as well as those who have passed before us. RFJT will gather the many different voices that have found themselves in the desert, literally and metaphorically.

Listen closely
It is the role of Radio Free Joshua Tree to hear the many sounds and voices of the desert, veteran songwriters and beginners, the ones who pass through and leave their influence and the ones that take some of the desert with them; The music that accompanied them to the desert and the music that evolved here. Looking down the road, RFJT will become an archive for a vast collection of music.
Radio Free Joshua Tree will share the voices of many who are otherwise rarely heard – and those who speak on behalf of the natural environment which brought us all here.

Beginning with special programs such as Ted Quinn's Variety Show, Kadey Gee's Trust Everyone Under 30 and new ones being added - Overnight Trip Ambient Show; Parsons Country - Cosmic Americana - airing and being archived, along with an initial 1000 - and counting - recordings – RFJT will become a permanent library of the sounds of the desert, the natural ones and those of people finding self-expression through music, poetry, art and sustainable living.