Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Local Music - Gram Rabbit

Gram Rabbit is a rock band based in Joshua Tree, California. The group consists of vocalist/keyboardist/bassist/guitarist Jesika von Rabbit, guitarist/bassist/programmer/vocalist Todd Rutherford, drummer Jason Gilbert and guitarist/producer Ethan Allen. Their musical style has been described as an amalgamation of psych-rock and electropop. Their fanbase is sometimes referred to as a self-styled "cult" called The Royal Order of Rabbits.

The band was formed in 2004 by von Rabbit and Rutherford, who had first met in 2003.[2] That same year, the outfit's debut album Music to Start a Cult To was recorded with Ethan Allen producing, and was released on the Stinky Records label. Gram Rabbit were hailed as best new LA Band in 2005 at the LA Weekly Music Awards. The momentum built during the release earned the band a Main Stage slot at 2005's Coachella Music and Arts Festival. The past six years have brought four more full lengths from the band. The spacey introspective “Cultivation” in 2006, the socially political-themed electro-rock “RadioAngel & the RobotBeat” in 2007, the epic spiritually driven “Miracles & Metaphors” in 2010, and the throwback spaced-out country styling’s of 2012’s “Welcome to the Country”. To date their records have produced more than 30 licenses in television series, National commercial campaigns, and film, with more than 20 different tracks used in these spots. NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CW, FX, Bravo, STARZ, and MTV have all used the bands music in hit shows like CSI, Life, the Real World, Sons of Anarchy, Crash, and Ten Things I Hate About You. Kyocera and Fruit of the Loom have used the music to promote their products in National television campaigns. Motion pictures such as “Crazy, Stupid, Love(Steve Carell, Emma Stone)”, “War Inc.(John Cusack)”, and “Interview(Steve Buscemi)”, have included the cinematic sounds of GR in their films. In 2008 the band released Rare Bits, which was a previously unreleased collection of the bands earliest home recordings.

The name Gram Rabbit is a combination of Gram Parsons and Jesika von Rabbit.[3] Jesika had been called "von Rabbit" on the music scene before meeting Rutherford, and after meeting, the duo played covers of Gram Parsons. (Note that Gram Parsons and Gram Rabbit both have strong ties to the Joshua Tree area, including the legendary burning of Parson's casket and remains).